where you can refresh your body and soul from the busy world.
"You become responsible forever, for what you have tamed."
-The Little Prince-
To tame, cultivate and live together with the nature,
we pull our socks up today at the farmland
because we know every life matters.

With sound, scent, scenery, taste, and touch of nature,
which gratify your senses,
we do our best to make your visit once a life time memory.

Individual visit - 1,000 rubles (both adults and children). We gather individuals in a group. The visit is possible as soon as the group reaches 10 people. Visits for a group less than 10 people is not allowed.

Group visits - 1,000 rubles adult, 800 rubles children (4~18 years). Groups visits are organized by organizations, schools, and kindergarten. The person in charge of a group visit should collect entrance fee in advance in order to not create waiting lines at the ticket office.

Same for everybody

  • Feeds - 100 rubles / 200 rubles (feeds for reindeer)
  • Entrance for toddlers not older than 3 years is free.
  • Holders of Sakhalin card get 100 rubles discount on entrance fee for him/herself only (applies to 1,000 ruble ticket only, excluding 800 ruble ticket).

Rules of visiting

Our natural park is ecological park of international level and still under the infra development stage. In this regard please avoid littering and keep the park in its original form.

  • Keeping our animals safe and healthy is our main priority. Therefore bringing feeds from outside the park is prohibited. Making fires and other activities that possess danger to the inhabitants of the park is not allowed.
  • The entire park area is smoking free area.
  • In order to provide safe environment for our customers, only group visits of at least 10 persons in the presence of the accompanying staff employee is allowed.
  • While feeding, please avoid loud voices and sharp moves. Do not try to chase the animals as frightened animal posses danger for the visitors. Please keep your palm open and fingers straight while feeding deer in order to avoid biting accidents. These rules are unconditional and must be followed at any circumstance.
  • Do not approach animals from behind, especially horses.
  • During winter, be careful of a slippery road. Watch close after children and the elderly.
  • Do not climb above haystack.
  • Do not walk on the grass.
  • Do not take rabbits on hands or grab them on their feet or ears.
  • Do not climb over sculptures or any other architectural objects.
  • Do not walk on the edge of the waterfall.
  • Spotted Deer
    In 2017, one hundred and ten (110) heads of spotted deer were immigrated here from Primorsky Krai and now their numbers grew up to more than 200 heads, becoming a symbol of Eco Farmland.
  • Yakutian Horse
    Yakutian horse can resist the harsh environment of Siberia. They may seem to be small in stature (140cm tall), but they are big of frame (0.5t weight) and strong.
  • Reindeer
    Reindeer is very important means of living in Northern Europe, Siberia, Tundra and Taiga region, and the Arctic region, providing transportation, foods, leather, etc.
  • Rabbit
    Twenty four (24) rabbits dwells at Eco Farmland now. They are shy but friendly to our visitors, so remember to be calm around them while petting.
  • Goose and Duck
    Total of thirty three (33) geese and ducks peacefully live at the lake in Eco Farmland. They come close to our visitors so you can feed them and take a close look.
  • Sheep and Lamb
    Forty six (46) sheep and five (5) lambs are with us. We shear their wool once every year for their well-being, so that our visitors can enjoy time with them.
"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand."
Spot Deers
Spot deer are the main attraction our of eco farm and famous Bambi deer from Disney animation is the ambassador of this breed all around the world. Parents and children enjoy feeding them and create life lasting memories
Goose Lake
Geese and ducks are integral part of ecofarm's fauna.
accustomed to tourists they do not stay shy and demand attention and feed. During winter visitors feed them from the frozen lake and during summer tourists stay on the shore line.
Petting Zoo
It is more than just a zoo where you can pet and feed animals. It is where you can commune with them and enhance quality of your life. Research has shown that playing with or petting animals can ease your stress.
Yakutian horse and rain deers
Rain Deer and Yakutian Horses peacefully co-exist in one space but sometimes can kick other in a friendly manner.
The treat people friendly and enjoy eating the offered feeds
Tractor Carriage Ride
You can feel the wild power of a tractor on the carriage all the year round. The height of the carriage is 2m (6.56ft) which gives you wonderful scenery of Eco Farmland.
Eco Farmland Walking Trail
It is about 3km long walking trail around Eco Farmland and takes approximately 1 hours. On the trail, you will meet birch tree forest, the lake, and multiple fun sculptures and architectures.
Park Golf Course
All family members from little children to grand parents can enjoy this simple and fun sport together. Grab a club and a ball, then you are ready to play.
(Coming Soon!)

Located within Eco Farmland, the Guest House & Complex is where visitors can enjoy a nature-friendly and peaceful farm stay. It is a resting place for the citizens of Sakhalin Oblast' and a shelter for travelers exploring the unknown world, the Far East.

Eco Farmland is 16 km away from the center of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and 8 km away from the Airport.

Please contact us before your visit that we can advise you to use the GPS coordinates for a navigator, which will suggest the best route for you depending on the place where you are.

Contact Info:
+7 (4242) 77-77-70
+8 (924) 190-44-11 (Andrei)
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